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How to find the right ghostwriter

As in school, writing homework at universities is a (sometimes annoying) duty. However, in contrast to the school, only a few chores are required per subject and semester, which is why a positive assessment is often a prerequisite for a successful course or seminar. Therefore, it is advisable not to take lightly the demands placed on academic homework. Professors and lecturers often view term papers as a kind of dress rehearsal for the bachelor thesis or master’s thesis, on the basis of which care decisions are made. Not least because of this, students increasingly seek professional support when writing their homework, or they decide to have the entire housework written by a ghostwriter – be it for family, professional or health reasons. On our website, you will find academic experts from within your department who will assist you individually in all stages of the scientific work project, whether through research or academic coaching. Just tell us where you are looking for help, we will advise you!

Your ghostwriter knows what matters

Our website connects you with academic experts and coaches who specialize in the planning, writing and proofreading of high quality scientific work. Our ghostwriting serves wherever reliable support is needed. They benefit from the expertise and the routine graduated academics, with whose help the timely submission of the housework guaranteed in the desired quality succeeds. Your contribution will be exactly as you imagine it. With us, you will contact anonymous direct contact with your ghostwriter, who will work with you to develop an individual concept for your homework. Your ghostwriter advises you on finding a topic or shows ways to realize the full potential of an existing design. Decide for yourself how and to what extent we can support you. No matter how you use your ghostwriter, with our quality guarantee, you’ll always enjoy the benefits of multiple proofing loops and high-quality linguistic editing.

Housework by ghostwriter:

  • If you have decided to seek the support of a ghostwriter, two things are important: security and communication. After all, you want to make sure that your homework is written by a professionally skilled expert without giving up your anonymity. When you choose us, you have the opportunity to meet your scientific ghostwriter in a conference call and get a first-hand look at his expertise. After planning the project together, your author develops an outline for your housework according to your ideas. On this basis, your ghostwriter develops a scientific argument that is based on the current state of research and takes into account relevant literature. He delivers the highest linguistic quality and adjusts to your writing style if necessary. Together with the finished and professionally edited housework you will receive a precise plagiarism report. This will ensure that your housework is a high-quality scientific unicum.
  • Track and influence the progress of your housework with ACAD office
  • ACAD office gives you 24/7 direct contact with your academic ghostwriter. Exchange messages, check the current state of your housework or upload sources of literature for your author: The SSL-encrypted system always guarantees maximum security for your data. If you prefer verbal communication, your virtual workroom gives you the opportunity to make a phone call with your ghostwriter and discuss the progress of the project directly. All files you submit to us and all personal information will be treated as strictly confidential and automatically deleted within two weeks of the end of the order. With us, you not only benefit from proven quality but also from the highest level of security and discretion.